MONTEVERDE AND SON’S GROUP. It is the result of a long business career started in 1972, by Baldomero Monteverde and his two sons Baldomero and Fernando.

Baldomero Monteverde was a employed in the shipyards of Gibraltar (Dockyard), and its function was to supply oil to the ships anchored in the bay, by means of the barges of the British defense department.

The origins of the company date back to 1972, being registered as Monteverde Transport Ltd. And the beginning of its activity were, garage cleaning and freight of various merchandise.

In that same year, they begin a new stage associated with a local construction company, called Fabri. This commercial relationship lasted 7 years.

And in 1980 Baldomero Monteverde and his two children, developed a market study, and proceed to make a large investment in assets, and industrial machinery for the construction sector, and Monteverde and Sons Ltd is founded.

Company specialized originally in the execution of Earthworks. Marked by dedication to work well done since its inception, it becomes a highly qualified company capable of executing, with efficiency and effectiveness, all kinds of works.

Said effort, and sacrifice makes Monteverde and Sons Ltd., become the most notable and solid company in its sector.

In 1997, the Government of Gibraltar requested the Monteverde company to carry out the logistic management of the MSW (urban solid waste), and until now, for 22 years the company has maintained an impeccable traceability related to the transport of waste, being a referent of trust for the competent administrations.

At present, Monteverde and Sons Ltd. is still a family company, managed by Baldomero Monteverde Junior, his son Giovanni, his supervisor Jason Seguí, his son-in-law Carl Viales and of course a great specialized team for each situation.

Continuous research, as well as quality, safety and respect for the environment, are challenges that we have made ours, integrating them into our production process

The company has diversified its activities to other areas, carrying out a great effort of renovation and investment, which is materialized in the following actions:

• Incorporation of qualified technical personnel.
• A staff of more than 100 operators.
• Modernization of the machinery park.

The current park is made up of 50 trucks and 60 machines for the construction sector.

It has a department specialized in small and large tonnage hydraulic cranes, as well as self-loading trucks and special transports.

The evolution and development of our company is framed in balanced and sustained growth, based on the high qualification of our resources, both human and technical, a rapid response capacity and a comprehensive management system, becoming a highly competitive and dynamic company .

Today 29 years later, Baldomero Monteverde Junior expands the horizons of the group, founding a shipping company; THE MONTEVERDE SHIPPING CORPORATION LIMITED. And the exploitation of ÁRIDOS Y CANTERAS MONTEVERDE S.L., All this, as a result of its delivery, dedication and sacrifice.